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Course 1 – Moving and Handling

Working within healthcare and social care often involves moving, lifting, or otherwise manually handling people.

With this in mind, our moving and handling training programmes are designed to highlight the risks and requirements associated with manual handling.

Safe moving and handling requires healthcare employees to know the correct procedures for moving adults and children without causing injury to either themselves or the person they are supporting.

This includes learning to use hoists and other aids, and being aware of the legislation surrounding moving and handling.

Training may include moving & handling of patients or general moving & handling training. 2 day course. Open to people who haven’t sat this before.

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Course 2 – Moving and Handling

Refresher Course – Half Day Course

Course 3 – Palliative Care Course

Open to all – 1 day Course. Gain knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of a palliative care approach that embraces the interdependence of physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the person, family and carers.

Develop your knowledge and understanding of diversity, cultural beliefs and preferences within the context of providing palliative and end of life care.

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